Magnetostrictive Probe

magnetostrictive probe take advantage of Wiedemann effect, Villari effect and Ultrasonic effect of intelligent material, by measuring time value difference which can be easily measured with high-precision, to convert to displacement difference, can accurately measure the product level, water level, and temperature for individual tanks.


  • Real time data transmission.
  • Five-point temperature sensing.
  • Digital signal transmit with anti-interruption ability.
  • Maximum communication distance: 1200m.
  • High precision as 0.5mm and resolution as 0.01mm.
  • Leak Detect function: Standard--- 0.38L/H or 0.76L/H.
  • More reliable, environment friendly, could be used in torrid climate and freezing climate.
  • Non-corrosion 316 stainless steel ensure longer lifetime in most petroleum products.
  • Trouble-free, easy to install and operate.
  • IP68 protection grade.
Power supply DC12V.
Precision ±0.5mm
Repeatability  ±0.1mm
Resolution of product level 0.0069mm
Resolution of temperature 0.0078℃
Resolution of water level 0.0069mm
Temperature range   -40 to 85℃(-40 to 185℉)
Points of temperature measured 5
Maximum communication distance 1200m
Communication    RS485
Intrinsic safety parameter  

Power port: Ui = 15V DC, Ii= 400mA, Pi = 1.5W, Ci = 3.63μF, Li = 0mH;

Signal port: Ui = 7.14V DC, Ii= 147mA, Pi = 260mW, Ci = 32.6μF, Li = 0mH;

Associated apparatus WB-GSB03 safety barrier
Explosion proof grade Ex ia Ⅱ A T4 Ga,     II 1G Ex ia IIA T4 Ga
Protection grade IP68
Applicable medium Gasoline, kerosene, diesel, Ethanol gasoline, Methanol gasoline, Approved light oil
Definition of wires

Blue   Power +   Brown  RS485A   White   RS485B    Black  Power -

Communication address   6 digits, see the“Manufacturing code”or S/N code on probe nameplate, this is also Probe ID in communication with console and FMS


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